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Every small business is hoping to be found online first, but you’ll need to use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your online visibility. A professional website and quality content won’t matter if you aren’t using SEO to drive traffic to your web pages.

To raise your ranking in organic search results, you can outsource or hire professional SEO consultants for hands-free and faster results. But if you’re looking to handle some optimization on your own, here is a list of free SEO tools you could use to optimize your website.

Free Tools to Improve Website SEO

Google Trends

Google Trends is an online tool that organizes search information from around the world, making it universally accessible and useful to anyone with an internet connection. It can be used for comparative keyword research but helps discover spikes and dips in keyword search volume. With Google Trends, you get keyword-related data like search volume and geographic data about search engine users.

WEBSITE: Google Trends

Answer The Public

The world has questions, billions of questions, and they are hitting their favorite search bar to find the answer. Answer the Public you can generate exhaustive lists of questions from keywords and phrases so you can answer those questions and show up in search. This tool catalogs autocomplete data from search engines so it can give you every useful phrase and question people are asking about a specific keyword. That’s real-world, fresh consumer insight to help you create relevant and helpful content.

WEBSITE: Answer The Public

Link Miner

Link Miner is a free Chrome extension that finds broken links on a page and displays basic link metrics as you search Google. Make faster and smarter decisions with even more information on the links you’re checking. With the latest update, you can toggle the Link Miner on Google’s search result pages to get link metrics on each result without having to click through and open that page.

WEBSITE: LinkMiner

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free Google Chrome SEO extension that shows search data and performs keyword research in your browser. You’ll get the monthly search volume, keywords suggestions, visibility metrics, and related searches for any search query. Directly in Google Search Results, without logging into any application. You can also analyze search volume for phrases Keyword Surfer shows as relevant. This way, you can discover other valuable search terms related to your keyword.

WEBSITE: Keyword Surfer

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler that helps you improve onsite SEO by extracting data & auditing for common SEO issues. Download & crawl 500 URLs for free, or you can pay to remove the limit and access advanced features. With the free version, you get the broken link finder, errors and redirects, page analysis, title and metadata breakdown, and a review of meta robots and directives. It’s also free to audit hreflang attributes, discover exact duplicate pages, and generate XML sitemaps.

WEBSITE: Screaming Frog

Bing Webmaster

There is a lot of focus on Google’s Search Console, and that makes a lot of sense. Google is the ruler of the search kingdom. But don’t sleep on Bing Webmaster Tools. You’ll miss out on some useful SEO insights from Bing’s reports and diagnostics. The site configuration area lets you view data on XML sitemaps, submitted URLs, crawling, and blocked URLs. You can even verify ownership, disavow links, and list your social media profiles for a better understanding of your complete web presence.

WEBSITE: Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Review Link Generator

Reviews are a heavy-duty search ranking factor, especially for local businesses. When you want to give customers a direct, one-click URL to leave a Google Review, you can use the Google Review Link Generator from the folks over at Whitespark to create a link. Then you can distribute over email, social media message, or even text message. Yes, there is a way to do this from your Google My Business account, but this is way easier. Enter your business and copy the link generated. Done.

WEBSITE: Google Review Link Generator

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is an oldie-but-goodie site made up of over 100 SEO separate to perform specific tasks (thus the “small” tools name). It doesn’t look like much when you first click-through and see “Text Content Tools,” but scroll down and scroll down some more and keep scrolling, and you’ll find useful tools for keywords, image editing, backlinks, Website SEO Score checker, robots.txt generator, domain tools, meta tag tools, and so much more.

WEBSITE: Small SEO Tools

There are hundreds of free tools online that can help you with your SEO, but we wanted to give you the most useful and well-tested free SEO tools. Trust that SEO professionals highly recommend these tools to provide actionable data for free – no fake-out trials here.

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