Simple Yet Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Small Businesses.



In today’s world, the survival of any business or website will depend on the owners’ ability to generate a steady stream of targeted leads. Everybody knows that No leads equal No sales. Therefore, Lead Generation is essential to a profitable long-term business.

Hence, If you plan on having continued success with your business, here are some of the best lead generation strategies.

Build a Landing Page


Using a landing page is the number one outlet for generating quality leads. Your landing page should consist of a few things. Most importantly, a form will capture the visitors’ contact information so you can follow up with them. Next, you should have some headline that leads into some ad copy that outlines the benefits of your offering. Moreover, your headline must grab your visitors’ attention and keep them reading. Your ad copy should tease the reader enough to get them to fill out their information to continue. It’s always a good idea to redirect your landing page to a relevant offer after filling out the information.



 Luring Visitors with Incentives


Incentives are an excellent way to grab effortless leads. Although your response rate will be lower, you’ll get more leads to make up for it. Write a free report on the offer you are generating leads for. There are many things you can offer for free. Get creative with it!


 Split Testing 


You should constantly try new things with your landing pages to see what converts and doesn’t. You could lose out on significant profits if you don’t test your landing page. Split testing can be done using special scripts, or you can do it manually.


 Promote your landing page with Pay Per Click advertising


PPC Advertising is one of the main sources of leads. Thousands of leads have been generated using various PPC Advertising programs. It’s still very inexpensive and very effective. Google AdWords has become crowded and is more competitive than ever. 




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