How to Use Instagram to Generate More Leads

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You probably are already using several different social media sites to reach out to your target audience and generate leads. But are you utilizing your Instagram account to generate more leads?

While you may be using the platform to engage with your existing audience, it could end up being an ideal channel for your business to generate more leads.

It takes more than a hashtag and a post here and there to generate leads on Instagram. Like any other marketing, this is going to require some planning.

Generating leads through Instagram will go a lot smoother when built into your overall marketing strategy. Be sure to map out your Instagram campaigns, content, stories, and even hashtags ahead of time to get the most out of your Instagram marketing efforts.

Here are four ways to use your Instagram account to create more leads for your business.

Instagram Lead Generation Ads

People use Instagram to discover things new visions of the things they love. This includes products and services. When you use paid promoted posts, you can reach new people and inspire them to become your next customer.

Instagram lead ads aren’t built for sales conversions but are designed to help your business collect customer information like email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, and job titles.

You use that information to learn more about customers and improve your marketing. And the best part is that it is simple! You can pay to turn any post into an ad without leaving the Instagram app.

Target and Then Retarget

A huge part of advertising on social media is user targeting. This allows you to get more out of your marketing budget by only enticing the most likely users interested in your products.

When utilizing Instagram ads, you can use Facebook lookalike audiences and pixels to target the right users who have similar attributes to your existing customers. This feature on Instagram allows you to reach potential leads effectively through Instagram’s adverts, ensuring your ads are seen by those users who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Humanize Your Business

Another effective way to use Instagram to generate more leads is by putting a human face on your business. Consumers have grown tired of pushy sales messaging and in-your-face advertising. Instead, they want real interactions and a genuine relationship with your brand. When you take the time to humanize your brand on Instagram, you can win the trust of potential customers, which will increase the likelihood that you can turn them into a lead. Instead of just posting about your products, you can use Instagram to build relationships with your target audience.

Tell Your Fans’ Stories

When you can have your fans backing you up, you can strengthen the authenticity of your business. Plus, when real people are vouching for you, you have a much better chance of building trust with a new audience. This allows you to eventually draw in the new users and turn them into potential customers.

To generate more leads, use your Instagram account to tell real stories of existing customers and how your business has made a real difference in their lives. Using fan stories is an effective advertisement that provides a more genuine and human touch.

Most small businesses don’t think of Instagram when it comes to lead generation. But with over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, no matter your niche, you’ll probably see some benefit from Instagram marketing.

There are plenty of ways that you can use Instagram to attract high-quality leads for your business. Implementing these three tips in your overall Instagram marketing campaign will help you gain new audiences and generate more leads.

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