Steps to Better Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

BLOG 2 Steps to Better Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is approaching your target customer base on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Your business could be reaching new customers through SMS text messages, emails, social media, or even your website.

To succeed in mobile marketing, these key factors have to be in play:

  • You’re using the mobile apps and platforms your customers use
  • You’re creating mobile-friendly and search engine optimized content
  • You’re marketing with your customers’ mobile habits in mind

4 Steps to Better Mobile Marketing

Businesses like yours have been using mobile marketing for years to reach customers, and you don’t want to be left behind. We’d love to help you with your mobile marketing needs, but if you’re going to do it yourself, make sure you pay attention to these four steps for better mobile marketing.

1. Keep It Simple

When creating your mobile marketing strategy, you won’t need to learn or execute many new marketing tactics. Mobile strategies can follow your current marketing plans. You must just adapt your content to be viewed and engaged with on mobile devices while providing a practical benefit for a mobile user.

Today, the cost of deploying your mobile marketing campaigns has been reduced as more providers and platforms are battling for a chunk of your marketing budget. App and Search advertising costs remain low (even during the pandemic). And the affordability of turnkey platforms used for SMS marketing and the cost of text messages dropping drastically means more exposure for your marketing dollars – with even lower rates possible for larger campaigns.

2. Have an Actionable Plan

What’s the difference between a plan and an actionable plan? Your list of mobile marketing ideas isn’t much of a plan if you never act on it. With a detailed action plan that includes activities, who is responsible for them and deadlines, you’ll have an actionable mobile marketing plan that gets done and gets results. Ensure that your marketing plan includes adequate budgeting of time and expenses to get the best return on investment from your efforts.

3. Hyper-Target Your Audience

You can now use mobile marketing to target small and very specific segments of the population rather than wide bands of consumers. Location-based targeting uses real-time geographical data from a user’s mobile device to provide information used in selecting who sees your mobile promotions.

With mobile marketing, you can even use a device’s location data to send alerts to users within a specific area about offers from your business relevant to their location. When you drill down to a targeted niche demographic in the market you sell to, you can run mobile marketing campaigns that cost less and bring better results.

4. Launch Fast and Use Analytics to Optimize

Technology makes launching new digital marketing campaigns a very quick process compared to traditional marketing tactics. Once you take the time to create your mobile marketing strategy, your ads and promotions could begin to show on customers’ mobile devices the same day.

Insights and analytics from your new campaigns quickly inform you of what’s working and what’s not. Keep a sharp eye on your return on investment when spending your marketing dollars in the fast-paced mobile marketing sector. Analyze your current mobile marketing plan’s effectiveness and quickly make adjustments to optimize campaigns and avoid wasting money.

While moving some of your small business budget towards mobile marketing might seem like a gamble, keep in mind that your customers are becoming less and less responsive to the traditional marketing tactics you’re used to.

TV ads, billboards, mailers, and even emails are being ignored as more consumers trust that their phones will give them everything they need to do anything they want. Isn’t it time you tried something new that reaches customers where they live? You’ll find that mobile marketing could be incredibly rewarding for your small business.

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