Why Your Small Business Need Mobile Marketing


Why should all small and local businesses consider adding mobile marketing to their 2021 marketing mix? Because mobile devices are where your customers are spending a large majority of their day.

With today’s technology, you can accomplish most of the same things on your mobile device that you can on your desktop. But, because of the size and ease of use, many people spend more time on their smartphones and tablets than on their computers.

You’ve seen the mobile marketing efforts of other companies show up on your phone. They are the ads and promotions that pop up on Facebook, when you’re doing a local search or using your favorite apps. Your business could show up the same way for prospective customers.

Why Does Your Business Need Mobile Marketing?

Getting your business name, products, services, and offers in front of customers who are constantly tethered to their mobile devices opens up a landscape of huge opportunities. With mobile marketing you can reach your past and future customers on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

There are several ways to use mobile marketing to grow your business:

  • Build a Mobile-Ready Website
  • Text Marketing (SMS or Push Notifications)
  • Mobile Search Marketing
  • Social Media Message Marketing & Chatbots
  • Mobile Coupons and Ads
  • In-App or In-Game Marketing
  • Location-Based Marketing

If you’ve done any digital marketing for your business before, you’ll appreciate the many benefits of mobile marketing. Its cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons so many businesses invest heavily in mobile marketing.

Mobile-search ads are cheaper and targeted to interested users in a specific area where print ads are more expensive and promise blanket coverage of an area. Radio and television ads require writing and production where scripting and sending a promotional text message could take less than a minute at a fraction (of a fraction) of the cost.

In addition, mobile marketing is easy to track, reaches a broader but more targeted audience, and improve your customer’s experience (because they LOVE using their phones to get things done). And you can reach more customers faster and easier than with traditional marketing, whether you create your mobile marketing strategy yourself or get the help of a digital marketing agency to build, optimize, and track your mobile marketing campaigns.

Why is Mobile Marketing So Important?

Besides the great conversion rates and cost-effective campaigns, mobile marketing provides long-lasting, more personalized, and interactive connections with your customers. This is the engagement that consumers are craving right now.

The latest statistics show a growing upward trend in the use and effectiveness of mobile marketing:

  • Over 80% of internet users are surfing the web on mobile phones. (Smart Insights)
  • 80% of smartphone users will buy from companies with mobile sites and apps that are easy to navigate. (Aum)
  • When searching on mobile, 96 percent of people use Google. (WebFX)
  • People spend around 5 hours a day on their smartphones. (Blue Corona)
  • 77% of adults in America own a smartphone. (Pew Research)
  • 70% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. (Blue Corona)
  • 51% of smartphone users find new brands and products via their devices. (Front Burner Marketing)
  • Global in-app ad spend will reach $201 billion in 2021. (WebsiteBuilder)
  • In 2018, 63% of all retail website visits came from smartphones. (SWEOR)
  • 1 out of every 4 people aged 16-24 uses voice search on mobile. (TechJury)
  • 52.2 percent of all website traffic is generated from mobile phones. (Statista)
  • 75% of Americans admit to bringing their phone to the bathroom. (Digiday)
  • The Ericsson Mobility Report is predicting a 25% increase in mobile traffic by 2025. (Ericsson)

Businesses like yours have been using mobile marketing for years to reach customers, and you don’t want to be left behind. Technology makes launching new digital marketing campaigns a very quick process compared to traditional marketing tactics. Once you take the time to create your mobile marketing strategy, your ads and promotions could begin to show on customers’ mobile devices the same day.

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