Facebook Lead Ads for Local Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Ads for Local Lead Generation
Facebook Lead Ads for Local Lead Generation

With its hyper-targeting capabilities and wealth of personal data, Facebook is one of the best ways for businesses of any size to find leads for new customers in their area and gain more eyes on their offers. Facebook lead generation ads make it quick and easy for both you and the leads you attract to gain interest and show interest quickly.

Using Facebook for Local Lead Generation

The ever-growing and evolving Facebook ad platform is one of the most powerful paid channels online. Because they collect so much data on their users’ habits and likes (and dislikes), Facebook is capable of an unmatched level of targeting that ensures your ad is seen by exactly the right prospect in an exact location down to the zip code if desired.

They want every business to use Facebook Ads, so they work hard to make the ad platform as easy and effective as possible. You can upload your current email list and and Facebook will create a “look alike” audience (i.e. finding people exactly like them) and sending ads directly to them. There isn’t a simpler way to build campaigns that target your ideal customer.

Maybe you don’t have an email list and just want to target a specific niche. You can select the pages that particular niches and areas follow and send ads specifically to that community for less than you think.

It’s easy to find your people with Facebook’s audience selection and optimization tools. With your Facebook Page, you can also put a call-to-action button at the top of your Page to send interested Facebook users and followers directly to your website.

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads lets you run an ad specifically designed to gain prospects’ attention and get them to provide you with information to contact them so you can explore that interest. When a prospect or Facebook user clicks on that ad, they are sent to a Facebook landing page or shown a pop-up where they can opt-in.

People in your market want to hear from your business, but we all know that filling out forms can be tedious – especially on mobile devices where consumers spend most of their online time. Facebook lead ads make it easier by allowing users to simply tap your ad to pop up a form already pre-populated with their Facebook contact info.

That means it is just one more click to send that information to you! AND… Your lead ads can run across both Facebook and Instagram as long as your ads follow Instagram’s design requirements.

Create a Facebook Page for your business so you can post and create specific landing pages inside of Facebook for additional advertising options. Then you can run targeted Facebook ads to get in front of the best prospects to convert into leads. If you want to grow your customer base and increase revenue, you need these leads.

Local Lead Generation on Social Media

As the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook is a great place to start your local lead generation efforts. But why would you stop there?

Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, even Snapchat are other social media used by billions. Make use of ad targeting, geotagging, and local #hashtags to find new customers with ease. It couldn’t be easier to find, attract, and convert prospects into quality leads for your business than leveraging the power of Facebook, lead ads, and social media.

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